10 recipes for the Holiday Season

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December has arrived and it’s time to start planning the Christmas delights, the New Year’s dinner and Holiday Party menu. Our families are salivating just thinking about their favorite dishes we will serve them but it’s also nice to surprise them with new recipes. Last year our novelty was liver pâté inspired by a recipe from the user manual of my food processor Cuisinart. Since they all loved it, I prepared and froze it ready to serve at Christmas.

My daughter Pascale is always eager to taste my novelties and share with me those she has discovered. Moreover, during our meal exchanges (which now replaces bought Christmas gifts) she will prepare a new dessert that a friend made her taste during last summer.

To inspire you in the planning of your menus, here is the recipe for the Chicken Liver Pâté and 9 recipes of my blog. To access the recipes just click the recipe in the menu. At a the end of the menu you will find a count down of preparations that indicates you the number of days that each of the recipes can be prepared before serving.

Countdown of the preparations

Prepared and frozen up to 1 month before serving
The liver pate, the rolls, the salda and the soup.  Cookie dough can be frozen or prepared 4 to 5 days prior to baking.

Prepared 6 days before serving
The Dutch cookies and Honey and nut cookies.

Prepared 3 days before serving
Cheese chocolate squares

Prepared 1 day before serving
The cooking of the turkey and part of the stuffing.
Cranberry Cake, maple sauce

Prepared the day of the serving
Finishing of the stuffing and reheating the turkey .
Porto Duck Breast Magret

Enjoy the cooking, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

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