Apple Delights

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My pleasure started with the box of fresh Mc Intosh apples that my mother was chilling in the conservatory. When I left the house to go to school, I chose two beautiful apples, one for the road and one for the snack.

Later, in the early years of my marriage, my grandmother Anna Mongrain sent me a big box of apples through Aunt Marie. Surprised to receive such a quantity of apples for such a small family, Aunt Marie explained to me that it was ok to leave them in my conservatory and cover them with a thick blanket to keep them until the holiday season! She was absolutely right because in recent years I keep them until February by placing them in the refrigerator in thick plastic bags. The skin sometimes creases but the flesh of the apple remains intact.

Each year, I can jars of applesauce and sometimes juice. Throughout the fall and winter, I prepare our favorite apple desserts including the unavoidable apple crisp, pies, puddings and more. Since fifteen years, I use the wonderful device apple peeler which not only peel but also core and slice the apple. It is one of the last gadgets that would come out of my kitchen as it simplifies the chore. Once the apple is sliced, I cut it in half and check if there are still small pieces of apple heart to remove with a paring knife.

Indulge yourself in preparing this cake and this square with slightly tart apples.

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