Cooking with a scale to save time

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It is with my friend and dutch neighbor Jos Atkins that I learned to use a kitchen scale many years ago. She used a scale with a removable  tray fixed to a wall similar to a wall clock. To cook recipes published in volume (cup or milliliter) she consulted an ingredient weight chart as volume/weight.  A quick demo convince me that using a scale save time and dishes to wash. 

I soon bought my first cooking scale similar to hers and began using it to prepare my desserts. It didn’t took long for me to memorize the equivalent main measure for pastry ingredients such as the flour, sugar, butter etc. alas 1 cup of flour is 125 g then 2 cups = 250 g.

Since 2 years I use a digital cooking scale that has more options than  an analogue scale. I love it to prepare pastries and desserts but also very handy for everyday use in the kitchen.

The scale

A good kitchen scale must be small  to leave it on the kitchen counter ready to use at anytime. Most of the people are not inclined to use an appliance stored in a cupboard.  A good kitchen scale is calibrated to weigh a few grams and as much as 5 kg/11 lb. It alos has a tare weight button; this is handy when you add many ingredients in a bowl without having to put aside each ingredient  in a different bowl.

I prefer the scale offered  without a bowl but if you buy one with a bowl make sure it can weigh a fairly good amount of food. I opted for the OXO  scale and I use it almost every day. It is compact, lightweight and  has an extensible display handy when using it with a very large bowl.

I invite you to watch my 3 minutes video Cooking with a scale.

Start cooking (baking) with a scale with my galettes recipe edited with weight. From now on all recipes on my blog has weight and volume measures. You then can choose wich one you prefer. If you do not have a scale you can prepare my grandmother Mongrain galettes.

How to cook your favorite recipes written in volume.

You only need to calculate the equivalent of each ingredient in grams using my volume-weight chart  that  I wrote for you. The first one is a condensed one edited to make desserts and you will soon memorize it. The second one is a full list of many ingredients listed in alphabetical order. 

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