Cooking deer

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From the start of the Quebec colony, the inhabitants had to feed on hunting products during the winter season. They learned from Native Americans which game were edible in America  and how to hunt it. Big game such as deer were captured by stretching big game snares or chasing it in heavy snow which made it more difficult for the animal to move.

Today, it is mainly in the regions of southern Quebec and the south shore of the St. Lawrence River that deer are hunted.

The flesh of the deer has a fairly pronounced taste and goes well with spicy flavors such as red wine, garlic, pepper and thyme. To savor deer well, it is best to cook medium-rare (pink in color) tender pieces and grilled meats. The flesh of the deer cools quickly and that is why it is essential to serve it in preheated plates. By cooling, the fat contained in the flesh of deer alters the texture and the taste. For lovers of deer hunting and the lucky ones who received it as a gift, here is a recipe for deer steak.




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