Ingredients volume-weight chart

Ingredients volume-weight chart

This is a volume-weitght chart I worked on for many years. It will be handy as a reference to add to you favorites for a fast access when you will need  it.



Almond, powdered250 ml -1 cup100 g
Almond, sliced250 ml -1 cup100 g
Apple, sliced250 ml -1 cup120 g
Banana, puree250 ml -1 cup240 g
Basil,coarsely chopped250 ml -1 cup22 g
Blueberry250 ml -1 cup150 g
Breadcrumbs250 ml -1 cup104 g
Broad beans, fresh250 ml -1 cup140 g
Brown sugar250 ml -1 cup200 g
Butter250 ml -1 cup
15 ml -1 tbsp
225 g
14 g
Cheese, feta250 ml -1 cup130 g
Cheese, gouda250 ml -1 cup87 g
Cheese, medium cheddar250 ml -1 cup95 g
Cheese, mozzarella250 ml -1 cup110 g
Cheese, parmesan250 ml -1 cup60 g
Cheese, swiss250 ml -1 cup70 g
Cherries, maraschino250 ml -1 cup160 g
Cherry, dehydrated250 ml -1 cup146 g
Chicken, cooked, chopped250 ml -1 cup115 g
Chocolate chips250 ml -1 cup163 g
Cocoa powder250 ml -1 cup85 g
Coconut, unsweetened, grated250 ml -1 cup88 g
Corn syrup250 ml -1 cup325 g
Corn, kernels250 ml -1 cup170 g
Cornmeal250 ml -1 cup145 g
Cranberry250 ml -1 cup120 g
Cranberry, dried250 ml -1 cup130 g
Cream, rich 35%250 ml -1 cup240 g
Dates, chopped250 ml -1 cup150 g
Flour, all-purpose250 ml -1 cup125 g
Flour, buckwheat250 ml -1 cup168 g
Flour, cake sieved250 ml -1 cup100 g
Flour, pastry250 ml -1 cup112 g
Flour, rye250 ml -1 cup135 g
Flour, wholewheat250 ml -1 cup125 g
Ham, diced250 ml -1 cup125 g
Honey15 ml -1 tbsp
250 ml -1 cup
22 g
355 g
Lard250 ml -1 cup220 g
Lentil, brown250 ml -1 cup195 g
Macaroni, elbow250 ml -1 cup140 g
Milk, powered250 ml -1 cup100 g
Milk, whole 3,25%250 ml -1 cup240 g
Molasses250 ml -1 cup340 g
Oatmeal, quick250 ml -1 cup90 g
Olives, black250 ml -1 cup140 g
Olives, green sliced250 ml -1 cup140 g
Olives, green stuffed250 ml -1 cup120 g
Peanut butter250 ml -1 cup276 g
Pecans, chopped250 ml -1 cup120 g
Pumpkin, puree250 ml -1 cup240 g
Raisins250 ml -1 cup150 g
Rasberry250 ml -1 cup120 g
Rhubarb, diced250 ml -1 cup120 g
Rice250 ml -1 cup200 g
Strawberry, cut 250 ml -1 cup125 g
Sugar, maple finely ground250 ml -1 cup150 g
Sugar, powdered sifted250 ml-1 cup95 g
Sugar, powdered unsifted 250 ml -1 cup113 g
Sugar, white250 ml -1 cup200 g
Vegetable shortening 250 ml -1 cup190 g
Walnuts, chopped250 ml -1 cup120 g
Wheat bran250 ml -1cup45 g
Zucchini, grated250 ml -1 cup125 g
Zucchini, sliced250 ml -1 cup125 g


Measure Equivalents

ImperialMetric Canada Metric Europe
1 teaspoon5 ml1 coffee spoon
1 tablespoon15 ml1 soupspoon
1/4 cup60 ml6 centiliters
1/3 cup75 ml7,5 centiliters
1/2 cup125 ml12,5 centiliters
1 cup250 ml25 centiliters


Measures equivalents practical to know

1 tablespoon=3 teaspoons
1/4 cup=4 tablespoons
1/3 cup=5 tablespoons
1/2 cup=8 tablespoons
1 cup=16 tablespoons

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Ingredients volume-weight chart

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