Ingredients weights chart for pastry

Tableau équivalence volume-poids pour pâtisserie

This weights charts for pastry is handy and fast to consult to prepare desserts and pastries.

Butter1 cup -250 ml
1 c. à soupe
227 g
14 g
Cocoa powder1 cup -250 ml85 g
Corn syrup1 cup -250 ml326 g
Flour, cake sifted1 cup -250 ml99 g
Flour, cake unsifted1 cup -250 ml112 g
Flour, whiteall-purpose1 cup -250 ml125 g
Lard1 cup -250 ml
1 tbsp
226 g
12 g
Nuts, chopped (walnuts, pecans) 1 cup -250 ml115 g
Oatmeal, quick cooking1 cup -250 ml90 g
Sugar, brown 1 cup -250 ml200 g
Sugar, confectioners 1 cup -250 ml113 g
Sugar, white1 cup -250 ml200 g
Vegetable oil1 cup -250 ml212 g

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