Stand Mixer

Since over 30 years I regularly use my stand mixer to prepare homemade yeast breads, cakes, cookies, whipped cream, meringues, meatloaf and meatballs. I also have the food grinder attachment that I use to make my breadcrumbs, grind meat raw or cooked meat.

There are many models on the market and this picture shows a Kitchen Aid similar to mine. Depending on your needs you might buy a regular or a bigger model that will allow you to knead up to 4 loaves of bread.

The advantage with a stand mixer is that the strong motor needs less time than with a hand mixer to get the same results. Also it is possible to proceed at other recipes steps while the mixer is running. As an example when beating fat and sugar for 5 minutes when preparing a cake it is possible to measure other ingredients while the mixer is working for you.

For similar jobs I prefer the stand mixer over the food processor as there is only 2 pieces to wash while there is 4 with the food processor.


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